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I have been using Contract to Close Real Estate Services for over 3 years now. Toni and her team handle ALL of my transaction work. There really is no other service in the industry quite like what Toni and her team do. They take everything, except the negotiating, out of my hands once I get under contract. I would not have been able to grow my business the way I have without this amazing team, and paying under 5% of every commission to make​ that happen? I see that as a no brainer.  Your alternative is hiring your own person, and then you have to train and manage them as well as do your own work helping others. In this industry, outsourcing business to effective and productive people to free you up to focus on growing your business only makes sense. The less you control, the more you can do.  Let Toni and her team do this for you better than anyone else can!

Jared Benoit

Serenity Now Homes

of Benchmark Realty LLC

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Monte & Connie Mohr

EXIT Realty
The Mohr Group & Associates

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C2C is an amazing support group of representatives that will take your business to the next level.  The personal touch by Toni and her team will make your client feel at ease thru the crazy and unpredictable real estate buying and selling process.  You can't afford not to use them.  Way to go ladies for all you do for us!!


I have worked with Contract2Close since 2013. I am a stickler for detail and making sure the client never worries. Contract2Close helps me keep the client informed on all details of the transaction. They never miss a beat. Hiring C2C was the best thing I did for my business. It has allowed me to step out of the day to day details and do the most important thing for a Realtor...go be among the people!

Dee Russell

RealtyTrust Residential LLC

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Award-winning Author
Speaker, Leadership Coach
Sales Trainer

Speaker, GODcrazyFREEDOM

Benchmark Realty, LLC.

Host of The Power of Real Estate on 1510 WLAC

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I am constantly sharing with real estate agents how Contract2Close Real Estate Services provides an phenomenal opportunity for agents to focus on doing what it takes to grow their business while continuing to provide an incredible level of customer service. In my book, it doesn't get better than that!


I just wanted to say a sincere thank you for all that you’ve done to help me break through my plateau in my real estate business.


I just sold 2 Million in the first 4 months of hiring you and working with you. That’s significant, because last year it took me 12 months to sell 1.8. It was my first year, but I had a bigger problem – that you solved.


I kept hitting a plateau, where I could only work 4-5 deals every 60-90 days. The reason is because I’d do great marketing, get clients signed up, and get 3,4,5 deals all closing in 30-60 days. And then my business stopped. Well my business didn’t stop – I spent the next 2 months working full time making sure that the transaction ran smoothly. Because – as with any good business – my business is built on referrals so I MUST make sure everything works as smoothly in possible – which is not easy in this ever-changing world of real estate. So I’d work fulltime for 30-60 days to make sure the deals closed. I tried to respond to leads I was getting but I really couldn’t with much energy.


Here’s how you helped. I was referred to you right when I had 4 transactions all at once (it was happening). However, you saved me. I sent you all 4 transactions in 1 week. I asked you what you expected, and I trusted you to do it. And you did it – my clients LOVED you. I got even better testimonials because of you.


But the best thing, is I was able to continue responding to leads and referrals. So instead of my business stopping for the next 90 days, I kept signing up clients. Now I’m averaging those 3-4 contracts EVERY month. And I’m happier, because I trust you to handle the details. And now I’ve got the steady income to hire a full-time office manager to take even more of the (for me) boring and tedious paperwork off my plate. I know you were the catalyst that let me create the consistent, reliable, predictable monthly income that is allowing me to make more, work less, and hire even more outstanding help to grow even further.


I can’t thank you enough. You ARE MY HERO!



More Green Real Estate Team



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